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Superlunaris Tarot 2nd Edition

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This is the SECOND edition of the Superlunaris Tarot: a luscious reworking of the Rider Waite Smith system set in a world of fantasy mixed with modern day reality. 

superlunary: (adjective) belonging to a higher world, celestial

This deck gracefully challenges stereotypes through its depictions of human diversity. Inclusive and atmospheric artwork illustrates the fullness of emotions. Uplifting images celebrate many male and female body shapes, ethnicities and religious traditions. Designed for personal development, transformation and empowerment for all, Superlunaris Tarot will speak to your highest heart and self.

This second edition is brighter than the first edition. Thanks to an upgraded printing quality the colors both on the back on front of cards pop more than ever.

This deck comes with:

78 matte soft touch cards with BEAUTIFUL rosegold edging measuring 120 x 70 mm in a sturdy clamshell box with magnetic closure.

An accompanying pamphlet with information about the deck.




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