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Tarot of the Holy Spectrum (Original)

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A monolithic deck that reinterprets traditional tarot using the language of color. Seductively designed minimal matte-black details make us drool. Deliciously non-binary and gender fluid, this deck makes us think about reaching into the void and a gentile 90s manga aesthetic.

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum explores stories, patterns and archetypes through a cohesive language of color. Inspired by the classic Smith-Rider-Waite deck and Tarot for the Wild Soul, an online tarot school and podcast about life, death, and rebirth.

Each suit of The Minor Arcana progresses through the color spectrum. The Court Cards are monochromatic. The Major Arcana cards feature black and white imagery with a single highlighted color determined by a particular card’s number. The Fool card is the only card to feature every color in the form of a spectrum.  If all this has piqued your interest, listen to a fascinating interview with Chase Voorhees about the unique story behind the creation of his deck.

This Deck Comes with:

  • 78 mm x mm cards on high quality matte paper stock
  • Sturdy magnetic flap box with holographic details




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