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Tearwater Oracle

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This gentle but powerfully illustrated deck is by HALEY BROWN, a proud disabled artist who has channeled her journey of coping into her work. This deck is inspired from her successful "Coping Calendar" and offers support when you need it most. 

This deck helps people navigate the "murky waters of grief and transformation both personal and collective". And let's be real, humanity is definitely going through this right now. Haley believes how we treat ourselves influences how we treat others and therefore this cycle needs to be tended to and healed. The Tearwater Oracle allows you to explore light and shadows through kindness, depth and humour.

It has been sustainably printed by a small printing company in Santa Cruz, California. As an error was made with the box size, instead of throwing them all out and wasting paper, a notepad to jot down thoughts has been added to the inside of the deck so everything fits snuggly. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

This Deck comes with: 

  • 44 cards measuring 120mm x 70 mm with a soft matte finish
  • a flip top box
  • a blank note pad

***Haley is currently working on a digital guidebook that will be available for free for anyone who has purchased the deck. To find out when it will be available, please subscribe directly to her newsletter: click here and scroll down to bottom of the page.


Mental Wellbeing


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