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The Architect’s Tarot

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A complete watercolor tarot deck created by Yousef Bushehri consisting of 80 original watercolor illustrations. The cards draw lessons from architectural thinking and concepts and present a spatial world that is thrown out of scale.

When we figured out that the cards visually connect per suit to create several interconnected panoramas, we knew this Tarot deck was born from an inspired mind. If you have the space, we invite you to lay down all 80 cards in order to see how the illustrations flow into one another - you will be impressed! True to its theme, gender and race are removed from the deck. Cards also include astrological associations.

Each suit of the Minor Arcana follows a specific theme and landscape. Pentacles = a lush green environment // Swords = a mountainous cloudy region // Cups = a watery place full of fountains and flowing rivers // Wands = a M.C. Escher-esque desert dimension populated by stairs, pillars and walking sticks

This deck comes with:

80 durable high quality, silver mirror-edged cards measuring 120 x 75 mm in a 2-piece tuck box.

A black & white 24 page informational booklet.




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