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The Cosmos Oracle

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THE COSMOS ORACLE is the ultimate tool for quantum physics nerds and science witches. This gorgeous deck has been designed by Argentinian born Jea Parrinella, founder of the Macrocosmos art studio. 

This deck may be minimalist in design but it is maximalist and expansive in its meanings and myriad ways it can be interpreted. This 74 card oracle decks draws on concepts of astronomy, astrology and quantum physics. The cards can be read in a variety of ways and spreads and the included guidebook gives great interpretations for each card, but also leaves room for personal intuition and meaning. Some cards even have portal activations. When placed on the designated spot, you can use one of their affirmations to open the portal which is an added bonus.

This Deck comes with: 

  • A sturdy 2 piece matte black box with velvet lining and compartments for the different components of the set
  • 2 postcards
  • A hardcover, full color guidebook
  • 74 high quality cards with holographic backs measuring 7cm x 12cm
  • a 50cm x 50cm screen printed cotton reading cloth.




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