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The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition

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The Linen Edition is a more compact version of the original deck with a finish that glides effortlessly, making it easy to shuffle and work with. See original version to see illustrations.

Created by Mari in the Sky, a nature-inspired indigenous artist based in Alaska, THE GENTLE TAROT: HEAL YOURSELF, HEAL THE EARTH simply radiates soulful beauty, thoughtful positivity and indigenous spirituality. 

Some of the cards are lightly based on the Rider-Waite system, although many of the illustrations are the result of complete surrender to creative/spiritual process. Motifs and symbols, along with colors, have been used throughout the deck to make for easy recognition and to assist with remembering the meanings of the cards. This deck will give you gentle and loving readings as the title suggests. The illustrations are simultaneously thoughtful and powerful, mixing imagery of nature, animals and women of all shapes and colors.

Cards have color coded rims to match their element: Major Arcana - Spirit - Purple // Cups - Water - Blue // Wands - Fire - Red // Thunder - Air - Yellow // Stones - Earth - Green

The Linen edition gets its inspiration from the classic playing card deck thanks to both its size and stock. Although not as robust as the original deck, its size and finish make it easy to work and it's just a question of personal preference. The deck is also more budget friendly.

There are a total of 89 cards. 81 tarot cards, including an extra Major Arcana card and two options to choose from for the Lovers card (non-human butterfly card or gender-neutral human card). The additional 8 cards are a colorful batch of Quick Reference Keys, sample spreads, Opening and Closing Intention, as well as a personal note and link to the PDF Guidebook.

This Deck comes with:

  • 89 cards measuring 70mm x 105 mm
  • A sturdy playing card style box
  • Digital guidebook




Mental Wellbeing

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