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The Modern Witch Tarot + Journal

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The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle and published by Liminal 11 brings the Rider Waite Smith Deck to the 21st century by means of contemporary symbolism, diversity and body positivity. This Bundle also comes with the Modern Witch Journal.

This deck has become a new classic and it's not surprising as it is a very literal modern interpretion of the original Rider Waite Smith deck. This makes it easy to use as the imagery doesn't stray too far from the RWS but thanks to update backgrounds, clothing and accessories, it makes it easier to identify with for the modern user. Furthermore it has decolonized the original tech by including humans that are ethnically diverse as well as all shapes and sizes.

This is a perfect deck for someone who is either starting out on their tarot journey or wants illustrations that they identify more intimately with.

The journal is a perfect accompaniment to the deck as it allows you to keep your own card meaning records, your tarot readings, your spreads, tarot deck inventory, books and online resources as well as contacts for people in your circles or covens.

This Bundle comes with:

  • 78 sturdy glossy cards measuring 120 x 70 mm
  • A 56 page hardcover mini guidebook with each card meaning and various spreads.
  • two piece slide out box design
  • 2 bonus cards
  • The Modern Witch Tarot Standard 250 page Journal




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