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The Mushroom Tarot

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The Mushroom Tarot 2nd. Edition by Chris Addams is simultaneously a humorous and serious deep dive into the exploration of mushrooms through Tarot (or tarot through mushrooms, depending on how you look at it!)

Chris Addams, the artist behind this tarot is also an avid forager and wanted to find a way to marry his love of the woods with his love of all things Tarot. All drawings have been meticulously hand drawn in pen and ink and then digitally coloured.  In addition to the classic 78 cards of the tarot, Chris has added a few powerful mushroom archetype cards of his own: The Hyphae, The Spore and the Mycelium. These cards are perfect for anyone that has a deep love and respect for our Mushie friends!

This Deck comes with:

  • 81 cards, 70mm x 120mm printed on 280 gsm stock with Copper Metallic Edges
  • 2 piece box with a frame that protects the cards
  • a  40 page, full color guidebook



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