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The Power of the Yin Oracle

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The Power of the Yin Oracle deck is a beautiful co-creation by Yael Bernard and Daven Lee, the latter an expert on healing, embodiment and stepping into your power

The Power of the Yin Oracle is a gorgeously illustrated deck that can be used in a non-linear fashion. Cards are meant to prompt, unlock and inspire ones journey towards healing and self-awareness. The cards focus on the principles of Yin energy and our dividing into various themes such as Grounding, guidance, embodiment, manifestation, cultivation and more. The deck is also not just intended for women but any human who wants to dive further into their yin nature and to also acknowledge the Yang of life.

The cards all have 2 different sides: one is an illustration meant to inspire and to transmit energy, the other side contains words of wisdom, quotes, affirmations to help you contemplate further. You can draw cards in anyway that makes sense to you.

This Deck comes with: 

  • 58 cards measuring 127mm x 88mm
  • a 2 piece box
  • a full color fold out brochure with more information, guidance and how to use the deck




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