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The Spacious Tarot

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***We will soon be selling bundles with the expansion pack! Expected to arrive by end of July***

The Spacious Tarot (2nd Edition) is an immersive and independent creation. It beckons you to enter and explore a unique energetic realm. Created in collaboration between illustrator Annie Ruygt and tarot reader Carrie Mallon, it beautifully combines traditional tarot imagery with alternative perspectives.

The deck features earthy, nature based illustrations along with more mystical and cosmic elements. Immerse yourself in the colors and textures, and embrace the wisdom available to you.

During the creation of the deck, SPACIOUSNESS emerged as a theme in the artwork as well as the creative process. The creators trusted that as long as they remained open to the ebbs and flows of the creative process, the deck would take shape exactly as the universe intended it to. Listen to our podcast interview with Carrie and Annie HERE.

This deck comes with:

78 medium thick matte finish cards measuring 70x112mm in a rigid one-piece flip box.

An accompanying guidebook with interpretations for each card.




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