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The Tarot of Many Doors

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Surreal archetypes defy cisgendered stereotypes and honor the fluid, non-normative and otherworldly identities found in feminist sci-fi, space anarchy and trans magic. The Tarot of Many Doors is created by Felix Kawitzky, a non-binary trans artist, writer and performer whose work is inspired by science fiction, fantasy and roleplay gaming. 

We adore the hand drawn anarchist zine aesthetic and the way this deck invites us to look beyond the present world order. As you would expect, traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot symbolism is turned on its head; gone are traditional court cards along with any glorification of mastery.

Queens are ranked higher in order and are reimagined as readers. Kings are speakers. Knights are walkers. Pages are reveries. Minor Arcana suits are wands, wires (swords), potions (cups) and dice (pentacles). You will also find soundwaves, metal, slime, light, stone, tentacles, shadows, bone and data… all existing in other planes, dimensions and worlds.

This deck comes with:

79 cards (the traditional 78 plus one original) measuring 70mm x 120mm in a sturdy two-piece black and silver box

Silver details on card backs

8 page leaflet with card descriptions




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