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Third Eye Chakra Kit

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Includes: 35mm Lapis Lazuli Mini Point  + 5ml Organic Cypress oil + handmade clay diffuser stone

These little kits prepared lovingly and with intention are perfect when you need tools for a quick Chakra ritual. Pairing the healing powers of crystals and aromatherapy, they can amplify each others properties and are a perfect companion for whenever you want to re-calibrate your energetic flow.

Our 3rd Eye Chakra kit containing Lapis Lazuli and Cypress Oil is for when you want to expand your perception and awareness of self. Cypress Oil is said to give strength in moments of transformation and adversity and can help with blood circulation. The oil is distilled from pine needles and twigs and has a fresh scent. Lapis Lazuli is sometimes referred to as the "wisdom stone" as it can help reveal inner truths. The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans have used this stone in rituals throughout history as it was considered such a powerful stone. Use this kit whenever you want to lift your mood, banish negative thoughts and keep an open mind.

The kit also contains a handmade clay diffuser stone as well as an information card with various ways to use the different tools.




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