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Turquoise Palm Stones

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Approx. 6cm long, 100 grams Peru

Turquoise is one of the oldest and most sacred stones in the world, with proof that it was used as jewelry as far back as 5000 BC! In Hindu, Persian and Native American cultures, it is viewed as a highly beneficial stone that would bring protection and luck.

Turquoise is considered the stone of wholeness and truth making it a great stone for general wellbeing and calming ones emotions and mind. It also activates the throat chakra, making it easier for one to speak your wisdom and truth. It is said to be a stone of emotional intelligence and altruism. By giving to others, you also bring what you desire most to yourself.

Turquoise is often fake: Howlite that has been died a very artificial blue color. At Kismet, we only sell real stones from reliable sources. As natural turquoise gets it color from copper and iron, please allow for some variation from piece to piece.




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