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Wayhome Tarot

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WAYHOME TAROT is the result of a collaboration between two Scorpio women who bonded at a Brooklyn dog park over their love of cartomancy.

Bakara Wintner is the author of WTF is Tarot?…and How Do I Do It?, owns a successful esoteric brand Everyday Magic in the US and also co-created the oracle deck Visions in the Liminal Space. Autumn Whitehurst has a background in Fashion and Lifestyle and used Tarot as a guide throughout her career.

Wayhome Tarot is a fantastic deck for all levels of proficiency as the 78 cards combine both the mundane and the mystical in a clear way. Symbols are relatable and understandable but also dreamy and magical.This deck helps one make sense of the world and find their way home.

This deck comes with:

  • 78 cards measuring 70mm x 120mm printed on 330gsm stock with smooth, slippery finish made in the USA
  • 2 piece sturdy box with glossy finish




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