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You Are Here Oracle Deck

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YOU ARE HERE, a 44 card oracle deck by Monica Anne aka @softbabebloom, is a delicious exploration of psychedelics, sci-fi and cyberpunk that will take you on a wild trip. 

Sometimes in these crazy times, when going outdoors seems far too dangerous, one simply wants to go on a journey in their own home. Monica Anne's deck helps you do just that as her beautifully collaged artwork takes you not only outside but to another plane of existence. The creator's inspiration was a combination of her dreams and her experiences with psychedelics over the years, helping her connect with herself and the universe on a deeper level.

Each card contains multiple meanings as well as advice and keywords and be used as a "card a day", in spreads or in combination with tarot. It is suited for all experience levels. The images are immersive, diverse and body positive, making it a very inclusive deck, what we always look for at Kismet!

This deck comes with:

44 sturdy 89mm x 127mm cards with a matte finish and holographic edging
51 page color "travel guide"
A magnetic clamshell box




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