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Your Wise Animal Body Oracle

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Created by neurodivergent artist Devany Amber Wolfe (who also brought us the best selling Serpentfire Tarot and She Wolfe Tarot) YOUR WISE ANIMAL BODY is a tool that acts as a support to our nervous system when faced with a late-capitalist, post-colonialist, hyperactive world. 

When Devany set out to make Your Wise Animal Body, she wanted to address certain symptoms / issues that herself as well as countless others increasingly face:

  • hyper-reactivity / hyper-vigilance
  • the inability to relax
  • poor sleep
  • poor digestion
  • inability to handle stressors
  • chronic illness / infection
  • burnout
  • anxiety and depression

Both the cards, guidebook and journal included with this deck are intended to help the user get to a state of homeostasis or the calm of the animal body. All too often we are conditioned to remain in a permanent state of fight or flight, never truly being able to relax.

The cards are minimalist and soothing with abstract graphics and prompts. The guidebook gives not only interpretations of the cards but also suggestions and mantras to help you establish healthy habits in your life. The hardbound journal has daily questions revolving around triggers and allowing you to track your patterns from morning to night, thus bringing to light any patterns.

This deck is perfect for anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression but also therapists, yoga teachers, energy workers etc.

This Deck comes with:

  • 37 sturdy matte cards measuring 87mm x 120mm with lavender foiled edges
  • A magnetic clamshell box
  • a 126 page guidebook
  • a hardcover journal



Mental Wellbeing

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