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We are excited present a new Journal series of people we work with in the realms of Tarot, Astorology, Energy work, Breathwork, Reiki, Herbalogy, jewlery making, candle making and more!

Our first guest is SONYA SPICA, Psychology student, Tarot Reader, Astrologer and TikTok sensation


You can see her TikTok videos here: SonyaSpica

Her videos for the Kismet Berlin TikTok here: kismetberlin

Get in touch for a reading here: Taplink

How did you first get into astrology and tarot ?

My journey with astrology started 8 years ago when I came across it almost by accident. Some friends recommended that I consult with an astrologer who I consequently reached out to. I was about to graduate from high school and wanted to know what careers would be the best for me to evolve both professionally and personally. After the consultation, I was speechless and amazed. To my surprise at the time, astrology was not just 12 zodiac signs, but also planets, houses, elements and much more. The astrologer described my character, my strengths and weaknesses and my personality accurately and in detail. The areas and professions she emphasized were exactly the ones I was most interested in. I was amazed and desperately wanted to know how she could describe all this in such detail. It seemed as if she could decode my complete personality with a few pieces of data. So I started to get interested in it step by step.

Kismet Berlin Sonya Spica Tarot Reading TikTok

What role does astrology and tarot play in your daily life?

¬†The Tarot came spontaneously and unexpectedly into my life 3 years ago. Again by chance (coincidences are apparently not random in my life ūüôā ) I came across a YouTube video withsomeone doing a tarot reading. It was a monthly prediction and it totally coincided with what I was planning at the time. After watching several more videos like that, I was amazed at how much the information about me was accurate. As I already knew a lot about astrology and my personal horoscope, my interest was even stronger. Shortly later, I got my first tarot deck and enrolled in a tarot training course.

How do you think astrology and tarot can benefit non-professionals readers who use it for themselves?

 Astrology and tarot are wonderful tools that can be very helpful and practical. However, one must always remember that our destiny is only in our hands and only we ourselves are responsible for our happiness. In my everyday life, I rely mainly on my mind and intuition. Astrology and tarot serve as guides that help orientate to my inner compass.

¬†Tarot is not only a card reading. Tarot is a story, a philosophy, a way of thinking, a tradition, a guide. It is wonderful for personal and spiritual self-development, as well as expanding one’s horizon in life.

You are in your masters program in Berlin to become a psychologist. How do you feel this feeds into your astrology and tarot practice and vice versa? 

¬†To be a good psychologist, esoteric knowledge is not necessary. However, it can be very helpful to gain insight into the patient’s personality by means of their birth chart.

In my opinion, to be a good astrologer or tarot reader, psychological knowledge is necessary. Counseling professions require knowledge of human nature,social skills and mental flexibility. A psychology degree is the best possible basis for this. Also, C. G. Jung was a great advocate of uniting esoteric practices more closely with psychology.

You are our “not so secret” talent behind all of our tarot reading videos on Tiktok ¬†along with having your own successful channel. How has this experience been so far? How does it compare to giving more standard / individual readings?¬†

 My TikTok channel was (again) very much an accidental creation for me. I never planned or expected it to grow so quickly! I posted my first video for fun and just wanted to know how it all worked and what editing features the app had. I posted it and put my phone aside. In a few days, the video already had more 100,000 views. It felt very surreal.

Videos aimed at the masses are very general and serve primarily as entertainment. There is a very big difference [between videos] and individual counseling. Personal data (such as photo, date of birth and name) is included in the consultation. Clients describe their story and formulate specific questions about their concerns. My analysis and interpretation is based on a psychologically sound blend of tarot and astrology, which allows for a profound and accurate consultation. It is specifically addressed to the needs of the individual and I take extensive time for each client.

aura crystal amethyst sphere
Kismet Berlin Sonya Spica Tarot Reading TikTok

What is your sun / moon/ rising sign? 

 I am Sagittarius Ascendant, with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus.

Favorite crystal?

 Rose quartz, moonstone and malachite for jewelry. Clear Quartz for tarot readings.

Favorite tarot card and why? 

¬†It changes and depends on the circumstances and situations in my life. Each tarot card hides an interesting and unique story in itself, which can become particularly personally relevant at a given stage of life. Accordingly, every person evolves and grows mentally throughout his or her life, thus the tarot card that one would favor at a particular time also changes. Currently, the 19th trump card “The Sun” is my favorite. The Sun represents self-confidence, inner strength and motivation. It stands for pure and long-deserved happiness, after being stuck in a personal dead end and finally finding the right path in life. Like that happy feeling that the sun’s rays awaken in us on a beautiful summer day.

Some of Sonya’s Kismet Favorites:

Kismet Berlin Prisma Vision Tarot Deck
Kismet Berlin amethyst sphere
Kismet Berlin lavender fluorite
Kismet Berlin Pink Luna Soleil Tarot
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