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Welcome to your November Tarotscope!

by Sonya Spica – Psychology Major (B.Sc.)

Our In-house Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer who is also the creator behind most of our TikTok videos will be providing monthly tarot / astrology readings on our site. For this reading, Sonya used the PRISMA  VISIONS TAROT, available on our website.


Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


The High Priestess

In November you tend to take the role of a silent observer and perceive life from a philosophical perspective. You will find it easy to show understanding and have a willingness to compromise, allowing potential conflicts dissolve into thin air. This month you radiate calming energy and can channel it for meditation or introspection. Your intuition is especially strong in November, so you should first trust your inner voice and then look at circumstances rationally. There can be a kind of mysterious ambiguity regarding some situations. However, there is no need to worry, because everything has its time and the answers will come.

Knight of Swords



In November you are especially motivated and radiate an inner strength as well as passion. You have an irresistible charisma, and your appearance is particularly attractive. This month you recognize your own power, both an inner willpower and an outer attraction. But be careful not to lose your own mental overview. At work you show leadership qualities and can handle tasks successfully and independently. New career opportunities may open up, involving negotiations. Defend your position courageously and skillfully, you have all tools to turn the situation in your favor.

5 of pentacles


Queen of Wands

This month you have independence, willpower, and passion. With your active approach, you are committed to your goals, which you bring to fruition with vigor and dedication. The month will fly by for you, there is no time for boredom and procrastination. Very good prospects await you at work. You are sharp-minded and your independence as well as your entrepreneurial skills are highly valued. This is a time to be confident and stand by your dreams. Use November to advance your own projects. In love, the card recommends you take a pro-active position and to express yourself and your own wishes more openly.



Ace of Wands

In November, you will be infused with a special energy. It is a perfect month to act, create and change. New opportunities present themselves; surprising projects are possible and unusual possibilities open up in relation to all areas of life. This month you have a strong assertiveness and radiate a passionate drive. With your life energy it is easy for you to bring your plans to success as well as to motivate others to join in. At work you show a healthy ambition and like to take the lead. There is a great urge to create something distinctive and the likelihood of self-realization. The perfect time to make new acquaintances has arrived.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Seven of Cups

This month your emotions are boiling over, and your daydreaming knows no bounds. There is a strong tendency to perceive your surroundings unrealistically and imaginatively. In November you have great powers of manifestation, so you should be careful with what you wish for. Your intuition is your guide this month, but your perception can be deceived. In your job you have an attractive offer, but it seems better than it really is. In your relationship you see everything through rose-colored glasses. You are not aware of possible problems or conflicts. Don’t be irritated by your desires in November. Nothing is as it seems to be.

8 of Swords


Eight of Swords

November tests your patience and willpower. In November, your own self-doubt can prevent you from achieving your desires and goals. You tend to see the situation worse than it really is and allow your confusion to gain control. In this merry-go-round of thoughts, it can help if you manage your emotions and discipline your mind. Adjust your mindset and positivity and success will follow. Do not be afraid to actively approach others and ask them for help, loneliness is not good for you. Work and relationships are prone to stagnation. Trust your gut feeling in November and open yourself to the world.

Kismet Berlin Tarotscope November


The Hanged One

In the coming month you find it difficult to remain rational and clear-headed; constructive approaches to solutions are hard to come by. You have the feeling to be a victim of circumstance. Your own indecisiveness makes it difficult for you to put things in motion. In November it is advisable to exercise patience and to reconsider old habits. There is a great tendency towards stagnation, so you should make an extra effort to get out of your comfort zone. November is perfect for introspection and spiritual self-exploration. Meditating as well as manifesting are especially advisable. This month it would be better to adopt a calmer attitude and change your perspective.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Knight of Wands

November is your time for adventure. The month is very suitable to realize risky and creative ideas without hesitation. New experiences and insights are waiting for you in November, be ready for spontaneous surprises. Your zest for action and your energy for life motivate you to bring several projects to fruition at the same time. However, there is a danger that you will be in too much of a rush and waste your energy. This month you must learn to evaluate your resources and to invest your energy in a meaningful goal. Situations and events can come thick and fast, and it will feel like time is slipping away like sand.

Nine of swords


The Magician

In November you have all the means at your disposal to make your dreams and visions come true. As long as you believe in yourself and actively work for your happiness, you will succeed. Your task in the coming month is to take creative action. Use your accumulated knowledge and perseverance and show your confident side. You should resolutely pursue your desires in November, as you also tend to daydream this month. In business as well as in love everything is in your hands and depends on your own initiative.

Two of Swords


The Lovers

In November you will face an important decision and learn to compromise. In this month teamwork plays a special role, because your motto should be “two heads are better than one”. Trusting your surroundings, as well as diplomacy and willingness to work with others is necessary in November. In love, there is a phase of emotional connection. For singles there is a great chance to meet your dream partner. At work an important situation might arise, and you will have to make a decision. It makes sense to ask another person for advice, new food for thought can help you.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


The Chariot

In November your motivation and self-confidence are especially needed. It’s time to take responsibility for your ideas and pursue them to the finish line. This month there is no possibility to sit back and relax, because your drive and proactive attitude are required. In love there is an atmosphere of passion and infatuation. Captivate your partner by speaking openly and without restraint about your feelings. At work, new perspectives for advancement open up, be ready for rapid changes.

The Hermit


The Tower

In November it is difficult to plan anything, because this month has a lot of surprises in store for you. It is a time for unexpected changes and a new beginning. Events in November are difficult to influence and control. Breaking out of your comfort zone may bring the flash of enlightenment you crave. This renewal may feel uncomfortable and violent at first, yet the unmasking of illusions leads to new perspectives. There may be arguments or disagreements in the relationships, but this offers the opportunity to speak honestly and directly about your feelings and thoughts.

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