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Ihr November Tarotscope ist da!

Author Sonya Spica Psychologist (B.Sc.)

Your Tarotscope in December 2021: Our astrologer and cartomancer Sonya Spica reveals what to expect. Check now the free tarotscope for your zodiac sign (sun sign), as well as for your moon sign & ascendant.

For this reading, Sonya used the Spacious Tarot, available for purchase on our website.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope



The last month of the year will be marked by deep cuts for you, which will influence your inner transformation. It’s time to say goodbye to some things, situations or people and open up to a new future. You have to learn to let go and accept that every ending is followed by a new beginning. Opportunities for growth and development await you, the old and rigid structure must be replaced in December. Mental as well as spiritual changes in December create space for new things and open great perspectives for you, also in the coming year. Have no fear, the best is on its way to you.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Ace of Swords

In December, you can expect to be resourceful and creative ideas and enlightening insights will inspire you. Your speaking skills as well as your communication will be important areas for you and can bring about a lot in the coming year. Therefore, formulate your thoughts and wishes clearly and precisely, as in December it is of great importance. This month you will succeed in many things and there is a great chance that something new and full of possibility will come into your life. However, this opportunity can be connected with a difficult decision. You must be rational and analytical in December, and have a clear objective in mind. Do not ignore your inner truth.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Knight of Swords

Your practical thinking and desire to understand the world will be particularly evident in December. You are curious and open to new experiences and experiences, so this month is perfect for gathering new knowledge and investing your time in learning. This month you are very attentive, so you will be able to recognize important details and develop innovative ideas. Use your productive mind for your own self-development. All the information you have gathered and learned in December will serve you in the coming year.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Nine of Swords

Your December will be characterized both by a philosophical mood and melancholy. Your fears and worries about the future will catch up with you, and your desire to withdraw from the world will become stronger than before. However, your fears about the future are completely irrational, and in December you tend to exaggerate situations dramatically. Objectively, there is no need to worry about the future or the past, because you can only change your present. The last month of the year puts you to a hard test. Therefore, be brave, face your fears and question what could happen in the worst case. You will see that all the worry is simply in your head.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Eight of Wands

You start December actively and enthusiastically. In the previous months you had a feeling of not being able to move forward, but this month you will get back into the swing of things. Unexpected but good news will arrive, which will set many things in motion. The internal turmoil will dissolve and you will have to act quickly and purposefully. Time management and multitasking are crucial issues in December, because everything needs your attention. Communication and social contacts will take a lot of time, so the month will be associated with haste and a lot of movement.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Two of Wands

In December it will be important to assess things correctly and to be able to say “no”. It can be difficult to motivate yourself and to act energetically, so you should pay close attention to how and for what you allocate your resources. Your indecisiveness and desire to do many things at once will come to the surface. In December you will have to make a decision, your choice will influence your near future. Stay both pragmatic and emotional to find your bearings and understand which path you want to take. This month you are particularly good at compromising and making important contacts, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Seven of Cups

In the last month of the year your mood will be especially romantic and there will be no desire to take off your rose-colored glasses. It’s hard for you to define your goals clearly, instead you prefer to let yourself be carried away by fantasies and building castles in the air. Being strong all the time is exhausting. Give yourself time to relax, but don’t forget that wishful thinking sometimes causes you to lose the necessary clarity of vision. Your intuition is especially strong at the moment, pay attention to your visions but try to look at them rationally. If not, there is a great chance for self-deception and false hopes.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


Five of Swords

In the last month of the year you can expect a climatic experience that will test your inner intuition and gut feelings. There is a great chance of getting into a conflict with those who surround you, so you should exercise restraint and calmly consider your position. The more strength and time you invest in the argument, the bigger the issue will become. Take some time off in December and don’t exhaust yourself with pointless arguments. It is difficult for you to forgive and let go, but this is the only way to move forward. Dare to take the first step, you will benefit greatly from it.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


The Magician

In December you are confident and know exactly what you want and where to find it. The month will be dynamic and will test your inner strength as well as determination. Many doors will be open to you this month, as your healthy ego will inspire respect and trust in those around you. The chances of success in all areas of life are good if you show your virtuoso skills and initiative. Your expectations and demands are high in December, it is recommended to get a second opinion. Create clear goals and use your skills wisely.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


King of wands

In the last month of the year you accomplish a lot of things, which consequently will cost you a lot of energy and time. It is easy for you to take on the role of leader and to cheer up and motivate others. In December, your self-confidence is great, but there are many challenges for you to overcome. Act thoughtfully and with intention, because there are many tasks ahead of you. You tend to take on too many roles and don’t seem to be able to properly assess the burden of responsibility. The search for inspiration is especially strong in December. Use your creative power to create something.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


The Devil

At the moment you have the feeling that it is difficult to formulate clear plans and rational goals. You have to question your own thoughts and actions especially critically in December, because the probability of making a mistake is high. In private and professional relationships there is intrigue, someone can manipulate you but also you yourself can tend to do so. You find it difficult to leave your comfort zone, and laziness together with the temptation of creature comforts can gain the upper hand. Try not to blame anyone and take responsibility for your own actions. With a clear plan and good assertiveness, your chances of financial as well as spiritual success are very high.

Kismet Berlin November Tarotscope


The Hierophant

Your December will be marked by important and profound self-knowledge that will lead to inner growth and spiritual self-development. You radiate wisdom and calmness this month, those around you admire you and some will ask for your advice. Your mind and wisdom are two important tools this month, so invest more time in studying and learning. Responsibility and profitable tasks are coming your way, so you will be richly rewarded in the New Year. However, do not forget your principles and morals, because your honor will be especially in demand and appreciated in December.

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